TaSin Sabir PhotoArtist & Designer

Specializing in Photography, Graphic Design, and Face Painting for over 10 years.

Located in Bay Area (Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, etc) Available for domestic and international travel.

TaSin Sabir’s artwork can be described as vibrant and full of powerful and emotional messages. Skilled in a range of mediums (including photography, painting, film, web & print design, and screen printing), TaSin uses this love for art making to express topics that are of an importance to her.

In 2004 TaSin graduated from California College of the Arts , where she received a BFA in Fine Arts Photography.

Born and raised in Oakland California TaSin’s artwork has been exhibited all around the Bay Area and Nation. Such galleries include, The Oakland Museum of California, The African American Historical and Cultural Society Museum, The Richmond Art Center, The Judah Magnes Museum, Pro Arts Gallery, Joyce Gordon Gallery, and the African American Museum in Philadelphia. TaSin has also published two photography books: Madagascar Made and 100 Families Oakland.

In 2007 TaSin took her passion for art and love of her community and opened a galley in Oakland called The Oakpod. During its time The Oakpod was a vital source for art and entertainment in the bay area. Since the closure of The Oakpod TaSin has become an independent curator and curated shows for the Joyce Gordon Gallery, Maafa organization and others. Currently TaSin is a freelance photographer and designer specializing in utilizing all her skill sets to create one of a kind projects for her clients. To hire TaSin for event, portrait photography, artistic design, consultation, or curating or please contact her at tasin@tasinsabir.com