Web Design

Client The No Cookie Cookie

Web design of Ecommerce site. Product photography and cookie label design by TaSin Sabir.


nocookie02 nocookie03 nocookie04


Client WCHL Communications, Inc.

Web design. Custom designed and coded WordPress site. View live here



Client Baayan Bakari

Web design and head shots. Custom designed and coded html website. View live here


baayan02  baayan05  baayan06


Client Breath of Fresh Air Events

Website and logo design. Custom designed and coded html website. View live here


bofae02  bofae03  bofae04


Client San’Dei’Jun

Web design of Ecommerce site using WordPress and WooCommerce.


sandeijun04 sandeijun02 sandeijun03


Client New Movement Media

Web design using WordPress. Original site designed in html later converted to WordPress. Company logo designed by TaSin Sabir.


nmm04  nmm03  nmm02


Client Equinox Movie

Web design using WordPress. View live here


eq03 eq04 eq02


The Oakpod Gallery

Web design using Lightroom and html. View live here


oakpod04  oakpod03  oakpod02

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